Investment Banking Services

on a Global Basis

Third Party Marketing for Private Placements and Private Investment Funds

  • Triad provides a customized approach to Third Party Marketing that assesses an issuer's or fund's private placement offering and seeks to understand the issuer/fund's "edge" and the investment opportunity
  • Triad can provide the issuer/fund with various options regarding the most appropriate methods and programs for capital raising assistance
  • For startups, our team provides meaningful assistance with developing a marketing program and identifying appropriate potential investors
  • For more established issuers or funds, we may make introductions to potential sources of investment capital (institutional investors, allocators, seeders, fund of funds, venture capitalists, endowments, foundations, family offices, etc) from our extensive network
  • For certain issuers/funds, Triad may create and execute an entire capital raising campaign
  • For all issuers/funds, Triad can keep you abreast of industry trends and developments