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"The New Issue Service" provides our clients an inside view of how initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondaries are affected by the variables in the global and financial markets today. Triad's expertise in identifying and analyzing IPOs and secondaries is reflected in the quality and timeliness of the "The New Issue Service."

The service, conveniently available through our Triad Mobile app or on Triad's website, is a package of timely reports, a searchable database, and instant messages. Our clients also have access to Triad's professional traders, who have over a century of combined experience trading IPO and secondary issues.

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With so much excessive unfiltered IPO news available, this service can be a valuable organizational tool for tracking IPOs and secondaries. These reports provide indications on deals, projected first day prices or price ranges on IPOs and a consensus indicator on secondaries. In addition to the "The New Issue Service," Triad offers independent IPO research from Argus Research Company.

Triad has also created the "IPO Dashboard" system to provide Triad clients with a centralized source for accessing all of Triad's New Issue Reports and an interactive database containing current IPO and Secondary deal data as well as past performance analyses.

Consensus Report Disclosure

The database can be searched by deal type (IPO, secondary, convertible), issuer, symbol, trade date, underwriter, industry, and timing (current, priced, and shelf) with data back to 2000. Users can drill down for detailed information on any deal. Please contact a sales representative to view a demonstration.

"The New Issue Service" is distributed worldwide to hundreds of investors ranging in size from $500,000 to more than $200 billion in managed assets.

Customers look to Triad's solid reputation for delivering unique insights and information from the initial filing right up to the minute an IPO or secondary is priced.

Triad's comprehensive tracking methods spot subtle changes in the new issue and secondary markets from the moment of filing through pricing. In the risky world of new issue and secondary investing, this critical information may enhance our customers' ability to obtain increased financial returns.

Available via our secure web site, mobile app or e-mail, the New Issue Service gives you the benefit of Triad's extensive investigation and information gathering. Our broad network of global customers allows us to provide a consensus of opinion that is both accurate and objective.

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Sample Reports

New Issue Calendar

New Issue Calendar provides a detailed view of all upcoming IPOs, secondaries and convertible offerings in the pipeline. This report sorts deals by week of pricing with issuer, deal type, share amount, range and underwriters.
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Expected Tonight

Expected Tonight is a listing of all deals expected to come to market for the next day's trading. This report shows all pertinent information regarding the deal along with our consensus call.
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Deals Priced Today

Deals Priced Report is sent out every morning and updated as necessary showing details of each deal priced along with size of deal, selling concession, cusip number, trade and settlement dates.
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IPO Snapshot

IPO Snapshot is a quick one-page view into the upcoming IPOs, including transaction details, information on sellers, a growth outlook, risks, peer comparisons and valuation.
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Secondary Snapshot

Secondary Snapshot is a quick one page view into upcoming secondaries, including transaction details, information on sellers, analyst commentary, recent pricing trends, holder activity and peer comparisons.
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