March 30

Triad Securities Publishes Guide to Help Professional Traders Best Position Themselves Amid Historic Volatility

New York - March 30, 2020 - Triad Securities Corp., a full-service, agency-only brokerage firm, today responded to Coronavirus-prompted market volatility with the publication of a guide to help professional traders choose the prime broker that will best enable them to thrive. The guide - Five Questions to Ask Your Broker - reveals that in many cases, brokers offering platinum high-touch services encompassing technology and middle- and back-office support make the best choice.

Kevin Schultz, Triad Securities Chairman, said: "For those who make their living trading, it''s worthwhile to ask if your PB is providing real value, and whether it has the resilience, level of service and technology to help you excel in any market conditions, especially like the ones we''re seeing now."

The guide suggests that professional traders should ensure that their prime broker can satisfactorily answer the following questions:

  1. 1. Are you offered a true institutional-grade tech platform?
  2. 2. Is there someone available when things go wrong?
  3. 3. What are the total execution costs?
  4. 4. Do you get middle and back office support?
  5. 5. Is the service tailored to your specific needs?

Schultz continued: "We''ve found that professional traders place a lot of importance on things like a support group that picks up on the first ring, high-quality trade execution, the ability to outsource middle- and back-office, etc. Those have never been more important, and we''re proud that we''ve been able to help some of the industry''s most sophisticated traders weather this storm by staying true to these principles."

To read the entire article on the Triad Securities website, click here.

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