Trade Execution

High Touch or Electronic - Triad has it

Trade Execution

Electronic Execution

Triad offers REFINITIV REDI, a professional electronic execution platform, to qualified customers. This system provides market access for US equities from 4:00am - 8:00pm for customers who prefer to enter their own orders. Customers will have access to equities, options, and ETFs as well as to foreign markets. This will allow clients to trade multiple clearing accounts and direct order flow to multiple away brokers from a single trade window. It allows access to primary exchanges along with a suite of algorithmic and smart order routes. For overview of REFINITIV REDI go to or contact us at (800) 221-8440.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Whether you are a high-volume quantitative firm, sector trader or small cap manager looking for unique liquidity, we can help you find the appropriate algorithmic trading solution. We partner with several well-known algo providers to offer you a suite of algos which can be customized to your needs and strategy. We accept algo order delivery through both innovative no-touch, electronic systems or traditional spreadsheets.

We can help you implement your strategy and pursue the performance you are seeking.

High Touch Execution

Our seasoned traders provide the attention and service that clients require to make the most of their trading experience. Customers know that at Triad, their expectations for efficient domestic and global executions will be met.

Triad's Trading Desk offers access to the various Equity, Option, and Convertible/Preferred markets from 5:30am to 5:00pm. Triad provides direct access to an extensive network of exchanges, algorithms and brokers throughout the world, helping to assure that our clients receive the most responsive and accurate execution services.

With Triad's personalized support you are assured that each trade will be handled by a professional trader, one who is directly familiar with your account and the markets where you trade. Whether trading in the U.S. or internationally, your business relationship with Triad ensures that your trader will keep you informed, be responsive to your business needs, and give you the timely and accurate service you expect and deserve.

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